Secure services?

No problem. offers secure hosting and housing, off-site services and if needed on-site consulting and services. Even if you're running a small website or business, you owe your customers security and reliability.

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24/7 Monitoring

All services, servers and environmental conditions are monitored 24 hours, 7 days. If any monitored parameter is outside it's defined range we'll be notified and can react even before there's any impact. We also have a CCTV to monitor our servers and ensure only allowed staff will access our infrastructure.

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Security comes first. There's no excuse for lazyness or "forgotten" patches. If there's a threat for any of our used services, we react immediately. Restricted access to our datacenter and servers, weekly emergency tests and daily research keep your data as secure as it can be.

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We respect your privacy as we see it as part of your, your customers and our basic rights. Therefore we cannot access your e-mails or database, even if we have physical access to your data. Why? It's none of our business to sniff our customers and sell their data like many other companies do.

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